16 January 2023


Travelers🚀 welcome to my site. You’ve just stumbled across the best place on the internet to find information on travel-related websites and resources. Although the concept is pretty self-explanatory, I thought I would offer a little introduction page to let you know precisely what it is you will be looking at. The platform is a review and ranking area for traveler resources, from renting a car to finding a cool place to stay. Although you think you might have come across something similar in the past, I can guarantee that this site is different. Here’s why:


Built For You💝


Forget corporate-sponsored websites that are just after your money; this website has been sourced and put together by travelers for travelers. Every list was compiled with your best interests at heart, bringing you quality as well as value.


Filtered Process🕵️‍♂️


One of the problems with search engines, like Google and Yahoo, is that they use algorithms to recommend websites, usually influenced by smart SEO created by marketing companies. In creating, I didn’t just go for the results that appeared at the top of the page. Instead, each website was manually assessed to ensure that both quality content and security were guaranteed, protecting users from malware and fake sites.


Daily Updates🆕🔔


We all know that as companies get bigger, they can start to care less about their quality of service and more about their profits. For that reason, I regularly reassess the websites featured on the lists to keep them up to date so that you will see only the ones offering the best content. If what was once a great travel resource has now been bought out by a more significant corporation that only has its interests at heart, I’ll be on it making amendments at the shortest possible notice.


Search Functionality👩‍🚀


Sometimes, if we’re strapped for time, we might not have the luxury of being able to scroll through all the beautiful lists to find precisely what we’re looking for. That’s why I’ve included a keyword search function to make the process smooth, meaning you have to put in the term you’re after and hit go.


No Adverts...Ever🚫


I don’t advertise on this site, nor do I charge a fee to access the content. Traveling is expensive enough without the extras, so expect it to remain 100% ad and fee-free for as long as you’re using it.


Site Reviews🧠


As well as being ranked in a list, each item has also been reviewed. We are highlighting the unique features, comparison to similar websites, and a list of the pros and cons at the end. To access the written content, click on the little magnifying glass next to the item.


Website Owners🚨💬


Own a travel-related website but can’t see it listed here? Contact me to let me know about it, and it could be featured alongside the other recommendations after a thorough assessment, of course.


Your Feedback Welcomed🔝😍


If you have a problem with the way, the sites are ranked or think that something should be changed or added, then don’t hesitate to get into contact with me. While I strive for quality on the site, not everyone will be 100% satisfied, and I want to know!


Skype: david_68688


📧Email: [email protected]

About David Jones the Author of Website and Blog News

I am a professional travel writer and travel enthusiast who traveled the world twice, so I am sharing my firsthand knowledge about everything related to travel and spending time abroad. With my site, I want to help people to travel as much as they can at the best price and with a wide variety of travel resources.

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